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Welcome to LeasideToronto.com

Welcome to Leaside Toronto/Beaches Community of Toronto, a popular neighbourhood and tourist destination located in Toronto's East end. Known worldwide for the the nice strolls along Queen Street East and of course it's sandy Lake Ontario shoreline, it is also a great all season spot for a cup of coffee, a great dining experience, some fun shopping - or just a nice stroll!

The Beach (or Beaches, depending your point of view) enjoys a high profile in Toronto's Real Estate market, and properties here enjoy a substantial 'location' premium. The avenues are mostly lined with semi-detached and larger Victorian, Edwardian homes from the around 1900 and the 1920s. There are also a good number of newer luxury homes. There are also low-rise apartment buildings and row-houses; fortunately there are limits of the height of buildings in the community.

There are still many thriving businesses on Queen Street East and Kingston Road, many of them independent niche stores, a lot of cafés and fine restaurants. There are some good entertainment spots as well.

Local Attractions

The Beach Boardwalk is one of the premier tourist destinations in the area. It's 3 km long, and there are some nice scenes to be seen. Besides... this area is a park in itself, beautiful with picnic tables, biking and roller-blade trails & a sandy beach.

This community is situated between Victoria Park and Coxwell Avenues, and it is south of Kingston Road, while the Upper Beaches reaches up to Gerrard St. East.

There are several parks and gardens in the area - and lovely parkland along the beach and boardwalk.

Finally there are Leaside Torontoers themselves. People like living here - and it shows.

There is a wonderful small town atmosphere that surfaces on warm days, cool nights and during events like Leaside Torontoes International Jazz Festival or Leaside Torontoes Lion's Easter Parade.

More? See Beach History.

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